Five Top Tips on How to Pass a Driving Test Fast

If you are learning to drive and want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, follow these five top tips on how to pass a driving test fast!

Research the Best Driving Instructors 

Probably the most important factor in your success when learning to drive is the person teaching you. If you want to pass the test quickly, you need an excellent driving instructor with plenty of patience and an effective training method.

Take time to find the right driving instructor, and you are well on your way to getting that license. The better a flow you have with the person in the passenger seat, the more likely you are to retain information and feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Up Your Weekly Hours 

Regular two-hour lessons are the best way to learn. Schedule as many as you can (without overloading yourself) if you want to get through the training quickly. One-hour lessons are less effective because of how much time is lost on either end, so avoid them if possible.

If you are aiming for a very short time frame, you could consider an intensive driving course. Certainly not for the light of heart, these heavy-duty courses normally last up to two weeks and involve long hours of driving every day. They take a lot of focus and commitment, but the potential reward is great.

Know the Common Downfalls 

Mistakes made by others are an invaluable learning tool for you. Finding out where people often go wrong and what mistakes are the most common help you prepare against them. 

There are so many variables during a driving test, and there is no knowing for sure what is going to come up. However, preparing for the worst is a good way to hedge your bets and give you the best chance of passing the first time around. 

Observe Everything 

Be aware of your surroundings both inside and outside the car. You are likely to drive your test route many times before the real thing, so pay attention to everything. 

Know what is around the corner, remember where the street signs are, and always look for potential obstacles. Looking is a great way to learn, especially when driving a car.

Book Your Test in Advance

Set the date for both your theory and practical tests. Having a day to work towards helps you plan more effectively and allows you and your instructor to perfectly tailor your learning program.


Essentially, the secret is to prepare, prepare, and prepare. Whatever way you choose to do it, make sure you commit your focus and energy. Do that, and you have given yourself the best possible head start to getting your driving license in record time.