The Fastest Way to Learn to Drive

One of the most exciting and worthwhile thing we can do in our lives, whether just coming 17 – the legal age to drive in Glasgow and the U.K – or an older person who maybe has never had the interest before – is to get our provisional driving license and to start taking driving lessons. The aim for most of us of course is to get our own car on the road and have the freedom to come and go as we please.

An Intensive course is the Quickest Option to Learn to Drive

The question is though, is whether to go the traditional route of learning where you will learn with one, two or even three lessons per week until you have reached a high enough standard to take your practical driving test, or will you opt for an intensive driving course to learning more quickly and likely save money in the long-term.

In this fast pace world, many are opting to take crash courses and save months of learning.

Those learning to drive the traditional way are likely to be on the road with a driving instructor between 45-50 hours before becoming ready to take their driving test. The cost of this may well run into over £1000, with the average cost per lesson at £22-£25.

Taking an intensive driving course with the reputable driving school may well save you between £500 and £600. No doubt this is the fastest way to get your driving license and also  more than likely the most affordable by far. Check out our prices here.

If you are a learner looking to learn this way, most driving instructors will offer this option. Intensive driving courses vary between 1-2 to a full week and even longer – depending how many hours you book and pay for. Most driving schools that offer crash driving courses will require a cash deposit – usually paid by credit card or paypal – before securing your spot.

Driving instructors will usually work around your schedule. For example if you book a 40hr course you may want to take this over a number of weeks rather than try to complete it in one week. Taking this amount of hours training over a short period may well be too much too soon. This depends entirely on the individual and their ability to take in what is being taught and assimilate it into their driving prowess.

There is a lot to consider and running crash courses we suggest you seriously consider taking a crash course. This is the quickest way to learn. So if you are short on patience and have the amount of cash to spare then you could do worse than to embark on an intensive course.

We offer driving courses for those wanting to learn to drive throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas. Get in touch today and we’ll give you all the details and get your course booked in at a time that suits you and according to your budget.